A Not Too Obvious Collection
Há momentos em que a recordação dos nossos Pais nos fazem lembrar mais da palavra Pai. Este, para mim, é um deles..

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01 Paul Overstreet – Seeing my father in me
02 Paul Simon – Father and daughter
03 Barbra Streisand – My father’s song
04 Neil Diamond – Dear father
05 Nina Simone – My father
06 Three Doors Down – Father’s son
07 Blossom Dearie – Thank you father
08 George Michael – Father figure
09 Boyzone – Father and son
10 Chicory Tip – Son of my father
11 Eric Clapton – My father’s eyes
12 Joe Cocker – My father’s son
13 Lydia Allen – Song for my father
14 Cat Stevens – Father and son
15 Melanie – For my father
16 Luther Vandross – Dance with my father
17 Phil Collins – Father to son
18 Real Group – Mister Father
19 Winstons – Colour me father
20 Tim Buckley – The father song


Kitka - WINTER SONGS (2003)

The voices of the eight women of KITKA-sometimes earthy, sometimes ethereal, always soulful- shine brilliantly on this much-anticipated collection of 20 seasonal songs gathered from many Eastern European lands and spiritual traditions. Highlights include ritual songs, folk carols and sacred hymns from Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Macedonia, Moravia, Romania, Russia, and Ukraine that celebrate the Winter Solstice, Christmas, Chanukah, St. Basil's Day, Epiphany, and the New Year. These are songs that ring out to warm and brighten cold, dark nights; songs that ward off evil spirits; songs that bestow blessings for health and prosperity; songs that call out "allelujah," and songs that summon peace on earth and good tidings to all.

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Bob Dylan - MODERN TIMES (2006)

Mais um trabalho de 1ª qualidade cheio de canções com um humor refinado ondulando num ritmo a puxar para o blues com toques de jazz\swing.

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CD2 Balkan
Dedicado à música dos Balcãs muito na linha dos posts do Ivan.

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A Not Too Obvious Collection
Nos anos 50 e 60, principalmente durante as férias de Verão, havia sempre uma garagem disponível, um giradiscos e sempre os mesmos singles e EPs, que não havia dinheiro para mais. Era ali que nasciam e se consumiam os amores de Verão.

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01 Ricky Nelson – Never be anyone else but you
02 Brenda Lee – Al alone am I
03 Fats Domino – Blue Monday
04 Teresa Brewer – Hula hoop song
05 Chubby Checker – Pony time
06 Ricky Nelson – Sweeter than you
07 Brenda Lee – I’m sorry
08 Fats Domino – Jambalaya
09 Teresa Brewer – A tear fell
10 Chubby Checker – The twist
11 Ricky Nelson – Young emotions
12 Brenda Lee – I want to be wanted
13 Fats Domino – Blueberry Hill
14 Teresa Brewer – Till I waltz again with you
15 Chubby Checker – Let’s twist again
16 Ricky Nelson – Hello Mary Lou
17 Brenda Lee – Emotions
18 Fats Domino – My blue heaven
19 Teresa Brewer – A sweet old fashioned girl
20 Chubby Checker – Your lips and mine


Kalman Balogh & Gipsy Cimbalom Band - AROMA (2003)

Kalman Balogh plays the cimbalom, an activity resembling someone spanking a small piano's innards with a pair of elongated shoe horns. If that sounds unwieldy, it's not. The Liszt Academy graduate employs a light virtuosity which, with his group's three fiddlers, one doubling on trumpet, guitar and bass, produces a highly mobile musical Cook's tour. Moldavian, Macedonian, Romanian, and Bulgarian tunes, a hint of tango, flamenco and klezmer all feature alongside a fiddle excursion into birdsong and finger-shredding brilliance. Another find. I'm running out of gold stars.

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Tangled Up In Blues - SONGS OF BOB DYLAN (1999)

Covers de Bob Dylan "in Blues" nos mais variados estilos onde poderemos encontrar Isaac Hayes numa interpretação muito "soul" de "Lay Lady Lay," Mavis Staples num "gospel" para "Gotta Serve Somebody," the Band, banda de suporte de Bob Dylan por muitos anos aparece com "One Too Many Mornings", R.L. Burnside em "Everything Is Broken," Alvin Youngblood Hart em "Million Miles," e Taj Mahal com "It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry."

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Bruce Springsteen - WE SHALL OVERCOME (2006)

Albúm de covers dedicado a Pete Seeger.

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CD1 Latin Europe
Primeiro CD de quatro com um conjunto de temas originários da Europa denominada "latina"

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A Not Too Obvious Collection
Nos anos 50 e 60, principalmente durante as férias de Verão, havia sempre uma garagem disponível, um giradiscos e sempre os mesmos singles e EPs, que não havia dinheiro para mais. Era ali que nasciam e se consumiam os amores de Verão.

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01 Cliff Richard – Livin’ doll
02 Elvis Presley – Don’t
03 Gene Vincent – Be bop a lula
04 Platters – You’ll never, never know
05 Pat Boone – Bernadine
06 Crew Cuts – Sh-boom
07 Emile Ford – Why don’t you make those eyes at me for
08 Dion and the Belmonts – A teenager in love
09 Diamonds – Little darlin’
10 Sam Cooke – Only sixteen
11 Cliff Richard – When the girl in your arms
12 Elvis Presley – It’s now or never
13 Gene Vincent – Woman love
14 Platters – Remember when
15 Pat Boone – Love letters in the sun
16 Crew Cuts – Earth angel
17 Emile Ford – Don’t tell be your troubles
18 Dion & The Belmonts – The wanderer
19 Diamonds – Silhouettes
20 Sam Cooke – Teenage sonata



Karandila is a wedding band which lasts out extremely long. And they play more lively, agile and more jazzlike than traditional bands. This brass orchestra mainly plays its own compositions. With its drum metres reminding of the „second line" rhythms of the New Orleans Jazz Karandila is celebrating a Balkan music which makes you believe jazz was not invented in America but on the weddings of the Balkan.

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Bob Dylan - TIME OUT OF MIND (1997)

Um novo album depois de sete anos de silêncio num ambiente intimista e "negro" qb para fazer deste regresso um acontecimento a comemorar...

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Jimi Hendrix - THE SINGLES ALBUM (1983)

Colectânea de singles num DUPLO CD que abre ao som de Hey Joe de 1967, "Hey Joe, where you goin' with that gun in your hand?
? provavelmente, de fosse escrita 40 anos depois, começaria por...
"Hey Bush, ...

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É o perfum de um Norte da Africa guardado na memória afectiva duma geração que tenta, contra tudo e todos, conciliar no seu "ser" dois mundos distintos.

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A Not Too Obvious Collection
Dentro da música soul dos anos 60 a que foi produzida pela editora Tamla Motown de Detroit foi a que atingiu maior popularidade. Publicamos hoje o terceiro duma série que lhe é inteiramente dedicada.

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01 Jr Walker & The All Stars – Satan’s blues
02 Bruce Channel – You make me happy
03 Tommy Good – Baby I miss you
04 Marvin Gaye – Baby don’t you do it
05 Carolyn Crawford – My smile is just a frown
06 Velvelettes – Needle in a haystack
07 Kim Weston – Looking for the right guy
08 Supremes – Baby love
09 Temptations – Girl
10 Mary Wells – Whisper you love me, boy
11 Howard Crockett – My Lil’s ran off
12 Earl Van Dyke – Soul stomp
13 Martha & The Vandellas – Dancing in the street
14 Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston – What good am I without you
15 Sammy Ward – Bread winner
16 Mickey McCullers – Who you gonna run to
17 Stevie Wonder – Happy street
18 Shorty Long – Out to get you
19 Miracles – That’s what love is made of
20 Oma Heard – Lifetime man



SSASSA has given more than 700 concerts since 1995, mainly in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and France, amongst them big festivals like "Rock gegen Hass" in Zürich and St. Chartier in France. For three months of the year the virtuoso Macedonian saxophonist Marem Aliev joins the Swiss quintet. SSASSA appeals to a wide variety of audiences, including people from the countries of origin of the music.
Their vast repertoire covers stirring gypsy music from Turkey, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Greece, oriental dance music from Arab countries and also Flamenco. Their hot-blooded music expresses a deep understanding of traditional roots, gained from their numerous research journeys all over the Balkan region. The synthesis of these traditional styles combined with a contemporary approach leads into a musical intercultural "firework", kept alight by the sounds of saxophone, clarinet, oud and percussion.

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Steve Ray Vaughan - THE SKY IS CRYING (1993)

Editado após a trágica morte de SRV, acaba por ser um best of onde se encontra material que por alguma razão ainda não tinha sido publicado. A par de Texas Flood e In Step, aqui fica o registo de um dos seus melhores trabalhos. So long Stevie

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Paulo de Carvalho - ANTOLOGIA (2002)

Uma das melhores vozes, e autor, do panorama musical português desde o anos 60 até aos dias de hoje. Um duplo que retrata esse percurso. Pena que ao Fado, ainda "pouco" tenha dito...

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Etran Finatawa - INTRODUCING (2006)

É um misto de Tuaregs com Wodaabis. As "estrelas da tradição" do Niger formaram-se em 2004 e apareceram na cena internacional em 2006 através do seu album "Introducing". A obra é muito interessante com um som muito "limpo" e vozes muito "genuinas". Vale a pena ouvir!

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A Not Too Obvious Collection
Dentro da música soul dos anos 60 a que foi produzida pela editora Tamla Motown de Detroit foi a que atingiu maior popularidade. Publicamos hoje o segundo duma série que lhe é inteiramente dedicada.

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01 Mary Wells – When I’m gone
02 Stevie Wonder – This little girl
03 Dorsey Burnette – Little acorn
04 Eddie Holland – Just ain’t enough love
05 Bobby Breen – You’re just like you
06 Brenda Holloway – Every little bit hurts
07 Marvin Gaye – Try it baby
08 Howard Crockett – Bringing in the gold
09 Bruce Channel – Satisfied mind
10 Miracles – I like it like that
11 Four Tops – Baby I need your loving
12 Marvelettes – You’re my remedy
13 Shorty Long – Devil with the blue dress
14 Supremes – Where did our love go
15 Temptations – I’ll be in trouble
16 Dorsey Burnette – Jimmy Brown
17 Jimmy Ruffin – Since I’ve lost you
18 Brenda Holloway – I’ll always love you
19 Eddie Holland – Candy to me
20 Marvin Gaye & Mary Wells – Once upon a time


VA - Bice Skoro Propast Sveta (1968)

Ciganske pesme iz filma - Bice Skoro Propast Sveta
A mentally challenged girl is defended by a young man who takes care of pigs. He gets into a fight with the local saloon keeper promting the man to get the boy drunk and bribe a priest into marrying the boy to the unfortunate girl. A female teacher arrives in town to teach women how to paint. She uses the young boy as a model and then as a toy for her pleasure. The teacher subsequently takes another lover and abandons the young man, claiming that she was unaware of his marriage. The young boy eventually kills his wife, but his father takes the blame for the crime and confesses his sins before he dies in prison. As a conclusion to this sad movie, the townspeople punish the young boy for what he has done.

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(! YES, this is a 4 track CD !)