VA - Road of the Gypsies V1 (1996)

Road of the Gypsies is a compilation of 32 Tracks of different artists from different countries, from Afghanistan to Spain. Since their first migration westward, the gypsies, who probably arrived from India well before the year 1000, have made an unceasing contribution to our musical culture. Scapegoats wherever they go, victims of social rejection on the one hand and the romanticised imagery of literature and film on the other, the Rom continue to uphold their traditions, far from our technological and social upheavels, they nurture all the warms, profundity and sense of community of the Orient.

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Tindersticks - NÉNETTE ET BONI (1996)

Uma presença dos britânicos Tindersticks no cinema, através da banda sonora do filme de Claire Denis. Um disco calmo e melancólico, com destaque para a presença do vibrafone, uma certa repetição dos temas musicais e uma caracterização de ambiente muito própria.

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Sigur Rós - AGAESTIS BYRJUN (1999)

Dois anos após a estreia, mais rock vindo do gelo.

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Lionel Richie - BACK TO FRONT (1992)

Quer a solo quer nos Commodores num estilo muito peculiar e de grande qualidade

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Mariza - Concerto em Lisboa (2006)

smiling tears
Hí Ivan.
Hope you enjoy it.


Colectânea de música Portuguesa, do nacional cançonetismo ao Fado

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Antonín Dvorák - AGM 1841-1904 (1975)

Um dos mais distinguidos compositores Checos

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J.Serrano, A el Agujetas - TWO CRIES OF FREEDOM (1998)

The subtitle of this album is "Gypsy Flamenco from the Prisons of Spain," which it quite literally is, being the result of a nationwide talent search for the best incarcerated flamenco vocalists, with a reward of 5,000 pesetas (about 35 bucks!) and a reduced sentence. Gypsies are recognized as the finest flamenco artists in Spain, and a disproportionate number of them are in jail—so it's natural that the contest's two winners, Jose Serrano and Antonio "El Agujetas," would be gypsies. So, if you want a recording that was made under armed guard by artists who were led to the recording studio in chains, this is it.

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Lhasa - LA LLORONA (1998)

O primeiro disco da cantautora Lhasa de Sela, de origem mexicana, criada entre o México e os Estados Unidos da América, surpreende pelo resultado da mistura de estilos e pela singularidade da sua interpretação vocal.

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Miles Davis - FILLES DE KILIMANJARO (1968)

Miles Davis a caminho da fusão do Jazz com o Rock

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Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - BEST OF (1988)

Um dos melhores no género nos anos 80

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2ª e última parte de colectânea dedicada à música de dança

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"Over 2 1/2 hours of the world's most passionate music."

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Putumayo - GYPSY CARAVAN (2001)

Call this the melodic side of the Romany diaspora, an easier companion than the Rough Guide to music of Balkan gipsys, which covered not only Central Europe but also the Indian roots and even British tradition of the "traveling people," as they're known. Gypsy Caravan concentrates its energy on the song element, which can range from the klezmer style of Romanyi Rota to the more folkish quality of Ando Drom. The influence of the Rom on Spanish music is explored in the flamenco of both Thierry Robin and Miguel Angel Cortes connecting the dots between cultures and emphasizing the influence of the this oft-persecuted people. Frequently life-affirming in its joy, but also capable of aching, lamenting sorrow, Gypsy Caravan shines a warm light on one facet of an ancient and complex culture, making for a strong introduction to some intoxicating music.

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Vianna Da Motta - PIANO MUSIC (1999)

O pianista português, Sequeira Costa, interpreta algumas peças do compositor português Vianna da Motta, um dos últimos pupilos do compositor húngaro Franz Liszt. Muito bom.

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Miles Davis - E.S.P. (1965)

O início da revitalização de Miles Davis

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Kansas - BEST OF (1984)

Fusão do som do "British Rock" e do som do estado que lhe dá o nome.

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1ª parte (1/2) de uma colecção de música de dança

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Mais Mozart, desta vez a partir de bandas sonoras de filmes que usaram o talento do génio

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The Gypsy Road stretches from Rajasthan, India to Andalusia, Spain and beyond, but it is the Balkan countries of Eastern Europe that are home to the largest Rom populations. Often scape-goated and caught in the middle of the twentieth century's worst injustices, from Belgrade to Bucharest to Skopje the Rom have had a profound impact on Balkan culture and music. Throughout the region, Gypsy music is Balkan music, transcending borders and ethnicities: energetic brass bands, violin and cimbolom virtuosos and captivating voices, The Rough Guide To The Music Of Balkan Gypsies has it all.

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Charles Mingus - MINGUS PLAYS PIANO (1963)

O compositor e contrabaixista num registo inédito e a solo, ao piano. Não prima pelo virtuosismo, mas é interessante ouvir as soluções que um compositor não-pianista apresenta.

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Miles Davis - WATER BABIES (1967)

Album na transição de um som mais acústico para um mais eléctrico.

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Huey Lewis & The News - BEST OF (1992)

Banda de S.Francisco de meados dos anos 80 que fez furor com temas R&B e Rock & Roll inspirados nos anos 60.

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Claude DeBussy - AGM 1862-1918 (1982)

A clássica na pessoa de um Francês

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Robben Ford - TIGER WALK (1997)

Blues com um travo de jazz rock.

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Lajkó Félix - ÉS ZENEKARA KONCERT' (1998)

Lajkó Félix was born in Yugoslavia (Vojvodina - northern Serbia) on December 17th in 1974. He started playing the zyther when he was 10 and won all the possible prizes in this category in Yugoslavia and Hungary. He first had a violin in his hand when he was 12, and has finished the six years of musical school in three years time. He has then finished his formal studies and turned towards concerting. Played jazz with Dresch Quartett (H), contemporary music with the Hungarian piano composer and player Szabados György and was a member of the Ensemble Ritual Nova of Boris Kovac. Has performed with Romanian born, London based Alexander Balanescu. Has played in Budapest, Prague, Berlin, Belgrade, Paris, Bordeaux, Frankfurt, Edinbourgh, Tokyo, Bratislava, Venice, Verona, Wuppertal and Monte Carlo. In 2001, Félix has played at the world famous theatre festival of Avignon and the most prestigious Theatre de la Ville in Paris and has had a very warm welcome at the Pina Bausch Festival in Wuppertal.

'I had heard that Lajko is regarded with awe in the Balkans, but was still unprepared for the impact of hearing and seeing him at such close quarters.... he attacks his violin with such ferocity that broken threads cascade from his bow during each number. There is a tendency for Balkan musicians to fit into one of several generic categories – gypsy, folk, Klezmer, etc – but Lajko seems to have invented a style of his own, and any reference to existing genres would be misleading. Each of his instrumental songs had a clear structure, and yet each seemed open to the spirit of the moment.'
Charlie Gillett, BBC LDN

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Morphine - THE NIGHT (2000)

Último álbum de originais do trio de Boston, editado após o vocalista e compositor Mark Sandman falecer de ataque cardíaco no início de um concerto em Itália, no ano de 1999. Este álbum representa o sublinhar de uma nova sonoridade relativamente aos anteriores. É mais maduro e inovador e, infelizmente, sem sucessor.

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