Del Amaro - BARO THAN (2002)

The ensemble AMARO DEL had its beginning in 1988, in Belgrade. The name comes from Gypsy language and can be translated as OUR LORD. The word DEL also means “paradise”, “heaven”, “universe”, and has it roots in the ancient Indian word DEVA, wich had been used to express the meaning of goodness and altruism. The AMARO DEL ensemble performs Gypsy songs from many different countries: Hungary, Russia, Romania, France, Poland, Yugoslavia etc.

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Niccolo Paganini - AGM (1994)

Um violino nas mão de um génio.

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Nick Drake - PINK MOON (1972)

Um trabalho realmente espectactular. Depois de dois anteriores CD's com 5 estrelas aqui está um que merecia 6!

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Lloyd Cole & The Commotions - 1984-1989 (1989)

Compilação de muita e boa música do período imediatamente antes do final do grupo.

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Tubarões - BEST OF (2006)

Conheça a música de um dos grandes grupos da Música de Cabo Verde e compre os originais.

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2ª Compilação com of Ronnie Earl (covering Muddy Waters' "Catfish Blues"), James Cotton, Terry Evans, and Robert Lockwood Jr. is contrasted with the horn- and organ-laden soul contributions of Mighty Sam McClain, Son Seals, Troy Turner, and Kenny Neal

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Zingari - ROUTE OF THE GYPSIES (1997)

These excellent recordings capture the essence of the wandering Gypsies on their routes through Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Spain, France, and Macedonia.

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Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky - AGM (1994)

E pensar que abri a valsa ao som dos Omnipresente interpretando uma versão "art rock" da sua sinfonia mais conhecida!

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Roni Size Reprazent - NEWFORMS (1997)

CDx2 de um dos nomes mais respeitados no género na GB e que para além de autor, também é produtor.

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Fleetwood Mac - GREATEST HITS (1988)

Mick Fleetwood, John McVie e os outros numa deriva desde os blues dos anos 60 ao soft pop rock.

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Segunda parte da compilação com canções do século com os mais variados intérpretes.

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O guitarrista Hubert Sumlin, o pianista Henry Gray e o baterista Sam Lay e os convidados Taj Mahal, Chrstine Ohlman, Cub Koda, Ronnie Hawkins e Lucinda num tributo a Wolf

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Blek Panters - BLEK PANTERS (2006)

This is Gipsy music in all her glory! "Dry singing" (wihtout mic), and rhytm distorsion (but with loads and loads of soul), is what makes this CD so good. The first music CD of cult gipsy band, "Blek Panters", by the M Entertainment label. Music that was played here by the Blek Panters, is dedicated to all gipsy music fans and was recorded live in her natural environment: pub smoke and one sleepless night at Blek Panters pub over the Sava river.
P.S Be sure to visit Blek Panters pub if you ever come to Belgrade!!!

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Beethoven - SYMPHNONIES & OVERTURES (1992)

Aberturas das Sinfonias Terceira e Nona pela Orquestra Filarmónica de Viena de Áustria

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Jackie Mittoo - THE KEYBOARD KING ... (2000)

Uma das lendas do reggae e teclista virtuoso

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Jose Feliciano - Light My Fire (1990)

Um dos mais proeminentes interpretes latinos dos anos 60\70 ainda no activo. Divinas algumas das interpretações presentes neste disco nomeadamente a que lhe dá o nome, Light My Fire dos Doors.

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Primeira parate de uma compilação dividida em 2 volumes com canções do século com os mais variados intérpretes.

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Mighty Sam McClain - BLUES FOR THE SOUL (2000)

Não é preciso tocar um qualquer instrumento, para se ser um Bluesman, a voz também conta.

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Goran Bregovic - TALES AND SONGS... (2002)

Tales and Songs from Weddings and Funerals
This is the best work of Goran Bregovic in the last ten years. There are so many things to talk and explain about Balkan culture, but many cannot ever understand it, although they still live over there. Of course that is even harder for people who do not know and never lived there. One needs to know history of Balkan, its culture, tradition, folklores, people diversity, tradition etc. to be able to understand everything that Bregovic is trying to tell us. Bravo, Goran! This time you really did it. You've told us a story without ending, a story about love, life and death. You incorporated everything together: new sound and old sound, new songs and old songs, and that all is very beautiful. You proved once again what a great artist you are.

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Frédéric Chopin - AGM (1994)

Um dos meus clássicos preferidos para as noites de calmaria...

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UI - SIDELONG (1995)

Primeiro albúm do grupo que mereceu elogios por parte da critica especializada

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Mamas And Papas - ULTIMATE COLLECTION (2005)

Da Califórnia dos anos 60 para o mundo com a mensagem de ontem, hoje e amanhã: "live free, play free, and love free"

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Demis Roussos - DEMIS ROUSSOS (1997)

Nascido em Atenas, começou sua carreira na década de 60 como trompetista e baixista até se tornar interprete.

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Gary Moore - BALLADS & BLUES (1995)

Apesar de arrasado pela critica, não deixa de se ouvir de quando em vez

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Haydn - DIE SCHOPFUNG (1991)

Um dos maiores compositores do período clássico. Forma com Mozart e Beethoven a tríade de referência deste período

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Taraf De Haïdouks - ELECTRIC GYPSYLAND (2003)

It's no surprise that remixers would get around to gypsy music--it's a tradition filled with great melodies and dancing rhythms that are ripe for harvest. Featuring source material from the great Taraf de Haïdouks, Koçani Orkestar and Mahala Rai Banda, Electric Gypsyland was originally put together by the folks at the well-regarded Crammed Disc label, which is home to an impressive array of modern electronic and world-music artists. The 15 production teams here come from all points on the globe; but, with the exception of Arto Lindsay and Melvin Gibb's dark experimental take on Haïdouk's "Murgur Mugurel", much of it has a driving rhythmic appeal that will draw people (gypsy-music fan or not) on to the dance floor. The production skills are impressive as well, reimagining these folk songs into vibrant kaleidoscopes of sound. Definitely not an album for gypsy-music purists, this is a fine new 21st-century vision of the genre we thought we knew.

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