Loyko - FORTUNE TELLER (1995)

Musicians group Loiko belong to the famous clan Gypsy musicians whose tradition goes back Tercentenary history. It was then, 300 years ago, on Russia kocheval famous gypsy violinist Loyko Zobar, which can be compared only with Paganini. He could make people laugh and cry at the same time. Zveri emerged from the forest listen to it, birds sang along with him.
Today violin Loyko continued zvuchat.Tolko now it is in the hands of modern gypsy musicians, who named his team in his honor. For more than 13 years, they roam the world and play concerts in the best concert halls, speaking along with folk, classical and rock musician, such as Sharon Shannon, Kalman Balok, Ravi Shankar, Yehuda Menuhin, Dr. Sumbramaniam, Gidon Kremer , Roni Wood, Andre Heller, Oleg Ponomarev.

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