Minimalist melancholy from Sweden
Originalljudet (translated to “original sound” or “odd sound”) is a band
consisting of musicians and artists based in Stockholm, Sweden.
Jens Peterson BergerSough Machine, Drum-Chair, Brainwave Generator, Rosali Grankull – Alto Saxophone, Piano, Egil Sandstrom – Double Bass, Piano, Hansjorg Ehammer – Accordeon, Aron Junker – Baritone Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, With Samuel Lundstrom – Violin & Saw, 35Bag – Trombone and Jonas Rosén – Oscillator.
With saxophones, bass, accordeon, electronics, tuba, brainwave, sough machines,
drumchairs, piano and crappy percussion they perform ruff and twisted melancholy,
limping polskas, sad melodies, gunslinger tangos, lovesick camelgrooves, out of tune
circus oumpa and outsider muzak. Like Moondog and Satie colliding in space, like a circus wagon praying with a
roving brothel or simply like sweet love, endless drunkeness and fumbling kisses
with bad breath...
Their debut album is being released by Kalligrammofon recordings and you can find here the tracks 04 and 09

About Kalligrammofon:
Kalligrammofon is a record label based in Malmö, Sweden. They focus on experimental music/pop music & experimental pop music. Their back catalogue consists of critically acclaimed works by among others Viktor Sjöberg, Tsukimono & Dead Letters Spell out Dead Words. Contact: gustav@kalligrammofon.com
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