Romano Drom - ANDO FORO (2002)

Romano Drom reflects as well the tradition and the modernity of the oláh gipsy music. The power of their traditional music is in the voices and vocal games but also the use of romani language as their mother tongue. The basic olah gipsy songs are arranged by Antal Kovács who also composes new songs, mostly based on traditional melodies, and lived experiences. Romano Drom's music is characterized for its masculine energy and sincerity and it is probably the only group who has succeeded in integrating a powerful instrumentation, which gives us a sound colour never reached in this music before. Guitars, percussions, accordion, violin, and double bass groove together...until we have the feeling this music was always part of us.
Romano Drom means "gypsy road" in romani language, dissidents of the group Ando Drom, their first album "Déta Dévla" was released in Hungary in 1999. The second album "Ando Foro" (In the city) came out in November 2001 on the French Label daqui and is distributed by Harmonia Mundi. Their last album "Ande Lindri" (In Dream) came out in october 2003 on the same Label, and the group is actually preparing a new one coming out in the fall 2006

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