FerusMustafov - KING FERUS (1995)

Mustafov is the leading exponent of gypsy wedding music in Macedonia, a style of music which is propelled by electric bass and guitar, drums, keyboards and accordion, all competing to reach ever more dizzying speeds. A saxophonist and clarinettist, Mustafov, based in Sutka, the gypsy suburb of Macedonian capital Skopje (population approximately 50,000) comes from a traditional gypsy music family. Indeed his father, the celebrated Ilimi Jasarov, was the first to introduce saxophone to the wedding music format. Since the early 70s he has released a substantial body of work documented by a vast (generally cassette only) discography. Ora i Coceci is one of the best examples, pairing the artist with simple accordion and bass guitar backing as he embarks on a series of taksmis, or improvisations.

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