Fanfare Ciocarlia - IAG BARI (2001)

Hailing from the secluded village of Zece Prajini in mountainous eastern Romania, near the Moldovan border, Fanfare Ciocarlia embodies all the bravura and vertiginous speed of Roman Gypsy brass band music. The band has become an international sensation since the world music network first caught wind of their hyper horn hoe downs, typically clocking in at a feverish 150 beats per minute. Playing a mixture of styles from the Balkans, the band plays with demonic speed. Their high-spirited music comprises a lively blend of traditional dances from Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia and Turkey played on horns, trumpets, clarinets and timpani. As well as from their own traditional music, the group take up current melodies from movies between Bollywood and Hollywood as well as adapting international radio hits to Fanfare Ciocarlia's very own style.

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