Amira Medunjanin - ROSA (2005)

Rosa is the debut CD by Amira {Amira Medunjanin}, a young singer from Sarajevo. Bosnia & Herzegovina's own song form is as emotionally potent as Portuguese fado, Greek rebetika or the blues. It’s called sevdah. Its songs – sevdalinka – are almost always erotic & tragic. Amira’s skill & passion {indeed, the very existence of a credible, young singer of sevdalinka} have amazed her compatriots, not least her initially sceptical accompanists, including accordion & clarinet virtuoso Mustafa Šantic. Many generations of troubled history inform the sevdalinka, which still address current realities. As with ‘duende’, so with ‘sevdah’: there’s no direct English translation. ‘Yearning’ is perhaps the best single word. The CD was recorded in Mostar.

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