Boban Markovic Orkestar - SRCE CIGANSKO (2000)

To the gypsies in the Balkans, the trumpet has 100 different meanings: calling people to celebrations, parties and to dance: where it creates atmosphere and energy, though when necessary it can also be melancholic. In contrast to other instruments, however, it is not used for calling to battle.In the Balkans, the trumpet player is king, he is the most popular person in the region. Boban Markovic has won the prestigious Serbian Dragacevo Festival, and his remarkable instrumental knowledge has added new dimensions to Serbian brass band history. Marcovic is the first to put the two important Balkan instruments, the Trumpet and The Violin together in one band.Guest artist on track 1 include virtuoso violinist Felix Lajko.'It’s like being injected intravenously with a life-giving drug. Markovic’s music might sound wild and improvised, but actually it’s meticulously worked out and rehearsed.

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