Temas que "fizeram" cinema. Feche os olhos e venha ver um filme ou, como dizia o outro: "let look at the trailer"

"As good as it gets, New York New York, Casablanca, Leaving Las Vegas, When Harry met Sally, The fabulous Baker boys, Sharkey´s machine, Baghda cafe, 'Round midnight, Swing kids, Zabriskie point, Sounds of music, Orfeu negro, Mr. Holland's opus, Wizard of Oz, Fce/off, West side story, Star trek, L.A. confidential, Evangelion, Love is a many splendored thing, French kiss, Porgy & Bess, Always, Breakfast at Tiffany´s, Conspiracy theory, Coneheads, The deer hunter, Summertime, The sandpipper, When a man loves a woman, Play misty for me, Manhattan murder mystery, Cocktail, 007 series, Last tango in Paris and Mission impossible".

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