Mariza - MEU FADO MEU video (2005)

Video de "Meu Fado Meu" do CD "Transparente"
"Born in Mozambique but raised in Portugal, singer Mariza became one of the most popular fado performers ever after releasing her debut album, called Fado Em Mim. The Dutch-based World Connection label signed her up, captivated by her highly stylized performances of fado (destiny in English) a Portuguese style based on different folk rhythms. Mariza's knowledge of jazz and blues helped her make one of the most interesting European folk records in the new millennium. The album, produced by Jorge Fernando, achieved the German Critics award.
Though she's undoubtedly resigned to nearly eternal comparisons with Amalia Rodrigues, the master of Portugal's fado, Mariza's debut album finds her breaking out of the mold from the beginning. Newcomers to the fado will quickly become familiar with the style from the plaintive crystal of Mariza's voice and her evocative guitar accompaniment, but her delivery occasionally recalls jazz or the blues. Double bassist Ricardo Cruz and pianist Tiago Machado help carry the effervescent "Poetas," while light percussion adds a note of intrigue on the closer, "Barco Negro."

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